Physical Fitness Program for All


Do you want to become physically fit? Do you want to lose extra pounds? Do you want to increase your stamina? Do you want to decrease the chances of heart attack, high blood pressure, depression anxiety, etc? Do you want to adopt healthy living? If this is what you really want then a physical fitness program may help.

Everyone wants to look smart and handsome and you cannot look so without being physically fit. Being beautiful and seductive is not the only benefit of physical fitness. Physical fitness has various other benefits as well which I will share in the coming lines.

Here I have one question, my question is that when did you performed any workout last time? I am sure, most of you have done so a month or even a year ago which is definitely not a good thing.

You cannot adopt healthy living unless you become physically fit and you cannot become physically fit unless you perform workouts for at least 30 minutes every day for 7 days a week.

An Introduction to Physical Fitness Program

A physical fitness program consists of different sets of exercises that are selected to tune up the whole body from head to toe. A large number of physical fitness programs are offered by various gyms and private fitness experts. Some of these programs focus only on weight loss while others focus on general health and well being.

Selection of a fitness program is the first and the most important step towards healthy living and unfortunately, 24% of Americans have not yet taken this step, same is the case with various other countries.

How Can I Start Physical Fitness Exercises?

As mentioned above selection of a physical fitness plan and the first step is always the difficult one. If you want to improve the quality of your living and that of your family then you have to take this step right away. The following guide will help you on how to stay physically fit.

Consult with Your Physician

If you are young and energetic and most importantly fully healthy then there is no need to consult physician but elderly people or those who have any illness such as back problem, heart diseases, etc must consult their physician before practically working on a physical fitness program so that they can guide you which type of physical activity can be dangerous for you.

Select your Exercises Carefully

There is a large number of fitness program but not every one of them may suits you so you should select only those exercises which you enjoy performing. For instance, I like swimming and cycling and crunching so they are a part of my daily routine.

Boys usually like hard and tough exercises so they can go with them while women prefer easy yet efficient exercises that burn fat slowly but guarantees results.

Have Some Diversity in your Program

Majority of the people continue performing workouts on a regular basis but still, they do not get desired results. It is due to the repetition of the same exercises again and again. You may divide workouts on the number of days.

I usually perform weight maintenance exercises on Mondays and Thursdays and perform running, swimming and cycling on Tuesdays and Thursdays. These are my basic workouts; I also continue adding new workouts as well into m routine to bring variety into my fitness program.

This helps you to remain consistent by retaining your interest in a fitness program.

Consistency is the Must

Exercise is not a matter of a day or two, if you want to get the maximum benefit from your workouts then you have to perform them every single day so give some time to your fitness program no matter how much.

It is a well known saying that practice makes a man perfect so keep on performing workouts on a daily basis in order to get increased physical strength and flexibility.

Change your Lifestyle

Apart from selecting workouts, you should also change your way of living. Start using stairs instead of an elevator from today or do not park your car right in front of your home or office so that you can walk a bit.

Do some gardening, go for any sports, dance on your favorite fast songs, etc. Although, we do not take these things into consideration these things increase your physical activity and make you physically fit without making you annoyed or tired.

Be Very Careful

You will get tired very soon during the first few days as your body is not inhabited to perform any physical activity but this tiredness will fade away with the passage of time.

The pain, tiredness or soreness that occurs as a result of workouts only remain for 24 hours so if any of these or other related conditions prevail for longer than 24 hours then you must consult your physician immediately. You must not start intensive exercises right from day first.

Here, I must give you one important tip. Try to listen to your body as our body tells us when the right time to stop our workouts is. Always remember performing more or you may say excessive exercise is not always better.

Benefits Offered by Physical Fitness Programs

We all know that physical fitness is very important for healthy living but it also offers various other benefits. Following is an overview of them.

Helps in Weight Loss: Physical activity burns extra calories which helps you in weight loss.

Improve your Sleep: Exercise also improves your sleeping habits.

Has Positive Effect on Our Mood: Exercise also affects our emotional life. It overcomes stress and depression and keeps us happy and energetic.

Decreases the Risk of Diseases: Researches have shown that exercise not only makes you healthy but also maintains your health by keeping you away from all dangerous diseases.

Various studies have shown that people who perform exercises on regular basis have lesser chances of heart attack, cardiovascular diseases, depression, high blood pressure, stroke, all types of cancer, metabolic syndrome, arthritis, type 2 diabetes, etc.

So when are you going to start your physical fitness plan?