Fastest Way To Lose Weight In 3 Days – Weight Loss Tips In Urdu


Majority of the people want to lose weight just to look smart but do you have any idea that there are various other more important things than just looking smart? Excessive weight or you may say obesity is the root cause of 80% diseases. It leads to high blood pressure, heart attack, cardiovascular diseases, kidney diseases, diabetes, etc.

A large number of people die due to a heart attack and the majority of them are obese. Different people do different things to lose weight such as taking weight loss pills, performing the exercise, taking balanced diet, starving, using natural herbs for weight loss, etc but have you ever thought why most of them still can’t lose weight? It is not due to the method which they have adopted but it is mainly due to lack of planning.


Planning is an important part of our life; we do it in almost every task whether big or small. Planning is very important either it is our wedding or it is about the future of our children.

Here, the question arises why don’t we do planning for weight loss after all it is also a sort of task or set goal that needs to be accomplished? There are a large number of weight loss plans out there, I am sure every one of you will e aware of some of them but we need planning to get the maximum benefit from them.

I am not here to share weight loss plans with you as you can get thousands of them on the internet or health magazines, I am here to share some tips for selecting the right plan for your weight. After reading this article, you will be able to find the best weight loss program that suits your tastes and your calorie need.

Guidelines for Choosing Appropriate Weight Loss Program

These guidelines will always work for you no matter what is your current weight, your gender or your ideal weight which you want to achieve. I have come up with these tips and suggestions by learning from my personal experience.

By following these guidelines, you will double your chance of achieving your ideal weight as these guidelines will help you in taking the first step carefully and we all know that first step is the most difficult step as our whole journey depends on it. Have a look at following guiding principles for quick weight loss.

Set Reasonable Goals

Our main fault is that we spend months even years eating unhealthy food having high calorie and saturated fat which increases our weight but we want to get back to our original weight within just a few weeks.

Isn’t it strange? Majority of the people select that weight loss plans straight away which says that you can lose extra weight in 10 days or 30 days without seeing that whether that plan suits us or not.

Here come the first tips; never set unrealistic goals as your goal is the roadmap which helps you to achieve your target and to be honest unrealistic goal can never lead you towards your target so it is highly suggested to make a realistic goal in regard to weight loss.

By realistic I mean that the goal can be achievable and is practical as well. You should make a sensible goal. Just remember the story of tortoise and hare which gives us a lesson that slow and steady wins the race, keep this thing in your mind before selecting any weight loss plan and One thing more, set goal by keeping in mind your age, height, physique, and current situation.

Take help from internet to know your ideal weight according to your age, gender, and height.

Choose the Plan that Suites you Most

There are thousands of weight loss plans which can be searched by just a single click. Not all of these plans are appropriate for you. Experts say that you should select the plan not only according to your taste but also according to your habits and lifestyle.

For instance, some plans focus more on a diet while others focus on exercise if you have never done exercise before and you cannot perform hard exercises then select the other plan that loses weight through a balanced diet.

Talking about diet, if you are a pure vegetarian then select those diet plans that are purely based on vegetables and fruits. On the other hand, if you love red r white meat then you may pick up the plan involving red and white meat in it.

Do not follow others blindly

If you have seen other person losing weight from a certain weight loss plan then do not follow it blindly as it may not work for you. Always remember that everyone has a different body structure so a plan which is best for your friend can be worst for you.

Make Small Targets to Achieve every Week

If you really want to stick with your weight loss plan then make smaller goals for yourself. You may set goals for every week. Match your progress with your set goals instead of following the weight loss plan blindly; it will help you to measure your progress on a regular basis.

It has another benefit. By achieving short term goals, you will become motivated and consisted of the plan; this will increase the chances of your success.

Your Safety Lies First

Unfortunately, there are some greedy people out there that play with the lives of other people just to earn money. I am talking about those companies that offer weight loss plans that are dangerous for our health.

They focus on only one type of food such as only proteins pr only minerals. This results in a deficiency of necessary nutrients in our body so it is highly suggested to check whether the weight loss plan you are going to choose is safe or not.

Follow that plan that contains a balanced amount of proteins, vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients in them.

I hope these tips and suggestions will help you in finding the best weight loss plan for yourself.